Geri Allen Discography

By Akio Kamiyama
photo Geri Allen

  1. 1976 / Howard University Jazz Ensemble: PRIVATE No Number
  2. April 15 & 20, 1976 Geri Allen(p),Clifton Banks(p),Noble Jolley(g),Dean Boyce(b),Darell Wiseman(ds),Gregory Tillman(ds), Michael Hilton(conga),Marva Shelton(vcl),McNeal Anderson(tp),Michael Johnson(tp),Alfred Brevard(tb), Andrew Washington(tb),others
    1. A Medley Of Stevie Wonder Songs 〜You Are The Sunshine Of My Life 〜Don't You Worry Bout A Thing 〜Black Maybe 〜You Haven't Done Nothin' 2. Randi 3. The Walls Of Jerico 4. Black, Brownn And Beautiful 5. Inseperable 6. Is There Anything Still There

  3. Inheritance / Joseph Jarman: Fourstar 40060,FS-40060[CD]
  4. December 12, 1983 Joseph Jarman (ss,ts,c-fl,b-fl), Famoudou Don Moye(per), Fred Hopkins (b), Geri Allen(p,syn)
    Inheritance(J.Jarman) Petite Fleurr(S.Bechet) Old Time South Street Dance(J.Jarman) Blues for Alice(C.Parker) Unicorn in Shadows(J.Jarman) Love Song for a Rainy Monday(J.Jarman) Oh Sensei Ni Sasageru(J.Jarman)

  5. Fits Like A Glove / Pheeroan akLaff: Gramavision 8207
  6. 1983 Pheeroan akLaff(d), Geri Allen(p),Others
    Waiting For The Heartache Fist Like a Glove "L" "INTUIT"

  7. Printmakers / Geri Allen: MinorMusic MM001,J33J-20157[CD]
  8. Februry 8 & 9, 1984 Geri Allen(p), Anthony Cox(b), special guest Andrew Cyrille(d,mouth-per,tym)
    A Celebration of all Life Eric(for Eric Dolphy) Running as fast as you can...TGTH M's Heart(In memory of Mrs. Barbara Jean Allen) Printmakers(altosaxophonistic poetic type printmakers) Andrew(For Andrew Cyrille) When Kabuya Dances D and V(For Daddy and Vernie)

  9. Expandable Language / Oliver Lake: Black Saint BSR0074
  10. September 17 & 20, 1984 Oliver Lake (as,ss,fl), Geri Allen(p), Kevin Eubanks(g), Fred Hopkinsb)(b), Pheeroan akLaff,(d) All compositions by Oliver Lake
    Expandable Language Comous N.S. Page Four Soons Everbody Knows That

  11. Home Grown / Geri Allen: Minor Music MM004
  12. January, 1985 Geri Allen(solo p)
    Mama's Babies(G.Allen) Bemsha Swing(T.Monk,D.Beat) No more Mr. Nice Guy(G.Allen) First Black Man...M.O.P.E.(G.Allen) Round Midnight(T.Monk,C.Williams) Blue(G.Allen) Alone Together(G.Allen) Home Grown(G.Allen)

  13. Decision in Paradise / Frank Lowe: Soul Note SN1082,121082[CD]
  14. September 24 & 28, 1985 Frank Lowe(ts), Geri Allen(p), Charnette Moffett(b), Graham Moncur III(tb), Don Cherry(p-tpt), Charles Moffett(d)
    Decision in Paradise(F.Lowe) I'll Whistle Your Name(L.Morris) Cherryco(D.Cherry) Lowe-ologie(F,Lowe) You Dig!(G.Moncur III) Dues and Don'ts(F.Lowe)

  15. On The Edge of Tomorrow / Steve Coleman: JMT-862005,JMT-862005[CD}
  16. January, 1986 Sreve Coleman8as,vcl.cho), Geri Allen(syn), Graham Haynes(tp), Cassandra Wilson(vcl), Kelvyn Bell(e-g,vcl), Kevin Bruce Harris(e-b,cho,#8),Mark Johnson(d,per,#3,12), Marvin "Smitty" Smith(d,per,vcl,#3,12)
    Fire Revisited(S.Coleman) Fat Lay Back(S.Coleman) I'm Going Home(K.H.Bruce) It Is Time(G.Haynes) (In Order To Gorm)A More Perfect Union(S.Coleman) Little One I'll Miss You(B.Green) T-T-Tim(S.Coleman) Metaohysical Phunktion(K.Bell) Nine To Five(S.Coleman) Profile Man(S.Coleman) Stone Bone(Can't Go Wrong)(S.Coleman) Almost There(K.B.Harris) Change The Guard(S.Coleman)

  17. Bemsha Swing / Woody Shaw: Blue Note:CDP7243 8 29029-2[2CDs]
  18. February 26,27, 1986 Woody Shaw(tp), Geri Allen(p), Robert Hurst(b), Roy Brooks(d)
    Bemsha Swing(T.Monk/D.Best) Ginseng People(Woody Shaw) Well You Needn't(Thelonius Monk) Eric(Geri Allen) United(Wayne Shorter) Nutty(Thelonius Monk) In A Capricornian Way(Woody Shaw) Star Eyes(Raye/DePaul) Theloniously Speaking(Roy Brooks)

  19. Givin' Away The Store / Woody Shaw:32 RECORDS :32Jazz-32180[CD]
  20. February 26, 1986 Woody Shaw(tp),Geri Allen(p), others
    Cassandranite Shaw Jean Marie Mathews Tapscott's Blues Lawrence Sun Bath Stren Solid Rollins Tetragon Shaw Steve's Blues Turre Symmetry Hill Obsequious Young

  21. Bushman Song / John Stubblefield: Enja ENJA5015,CD-5015-12[CD]
  22. April 22 & 23, 1986 John Stubblefield(ts,ss), Geri Allen(p,syn), Charnett Moffet(b), Victor Lewis(d,per), Mino Cinelu(per,vcl)
    Bushman Song(elecyric version) Serenade To The Mother Land Some Things Nevew Change Mwe Malad O Loss Of A Moment East Side - West Side Calypso Rose Mushman Song(acoustic version)

  23. Shades of Change / David Friedman: Enja CD 5017-35
  24. April 24 & 25 , 1986 Dave Friedman(mari,vib), Geri Allen(p), Anthony Cox(b), Ronnie Burrage(d) All compositions by David Friedman
    Shades of a Labyrinth Out of a Labyrinth 3+1=5 The Search Ibrahim

  25. Gallery / Oliver Lake: GramaVision 18-8609-1,C28Y-0246
  26. July, 1986 Oliver Lake(as,ts,ss,fl), Pheeroan akLaff(d), Fred Hopkins(b), Geri Allen(p), Rasul Saddik(tp,#3) All compositions by Oliver Lake
    Olla's Blues Sad Louis Le Sport Suite Gallery C Piece France Dance

  27. Romance and Revolution / James Newton: Blue Note CDP7464312[CD]
  28. August 20 & 21, 1986 James Newton(fl), Geri Allen(p),Pheeroan akLaff(d), Steve Turre(tb), Robin Eubanks(tb),Jay Hoggard(vib) Andul Wadud(cello), Rick Rozie(b)
    Forever Charles(J.Newton) Meditations on Integration(C.Mingus) Tenderly(Gross,Lawerence) Peace(O.Coleman) The Evening Leands Toward You(J.Newton) Tenderly(Walter Gross/Jack Lawrence)* Note:(*)Extra track for CD

  29. World Expansion(By The M-Mase Neophyte) / Steve Coleman: JMT 870010,JMT-872010[CD]
  30. November, 1986 Steve Coleman(as,vcl), Geri Allen(key,vcl), Graham Hayes(tp), Robin Eubanks(tb,vcl), Kelvyn Bell(e-g), Kevin Bruce Harris(e-b,vcl), Mark Jojnson(d), D.K.Dyson(vcl,#1,5,611,13),Cassandra Wilson(vcl,3,4,9)
    Desperate Move(S.Coleman) Stone Bone Jr.(S.Coleman) Mad Monkey(S.Coleman) Dream State(S.Coleman,G.Allen) Tang Tung(S.Coleman) Yo Ho(K.Bell) And They Parted...(G.Allen) In The park(G.Haynes) Just A Funky Ald Song(G.Haynes) Uaila Thaane(S.Coleman) To Perpetuate THe Funk(K.B.Harris) Koshine Koji(S.Coleman) Tlydor's Bane(S.Coleman) Park* Fire Theme* Note:(*) Extra track for CD

  31. Movies / Franco Ambrosetti: Enja CD 5035[CD]
  32. November 1986 Franco Ambrosetti(tp,Fl-h), Geri Allen(p,syn), John Scofield(g),Michael Formanek(b), Daniel Humair(d), Gerry Gonzalez(per)
    Summertime(G.Gershwin) Yellow Submarine(Lennon&McCartney) Chan's Song(Never Said)(Hancock&Wonder) That Old Black Magic(Arlen&Mercer) Good Morning Heartache(Fisher&Drake&Higgenbotham) Magnificent Seven(E. Bernstein) Ich bin von Kopf bis Fub auf Liebe eingestelt(Falling in Love Again)(F.Hollaender) Be A Brave Utopist(F.Ambrosetti)

  33. Open On All Sides In the Middle / Geri Allen: MinorMusic MM1013,J33J-20175[CD]
  34. December, 1986 Geri Allen(p,key,cho), Steve Coleman(as), Shahita Nurallah(vcl), David McMurray(ss,fl), Racy Biggs(tp,fl-h), Robin Eubanks (tb), Tani Tabbal(d), Jaribu Shahid(b), Guests: Mino Cinelu(per), Lioyd Storey(tap), Marcus Belgrave,(fl-h,8)
    Open On All Side/The Glide Was In The Ride Forbidden Place The Dancer In The Middle Ray I Sang A Bright Green Tear For All Of Us This Year... Drummer's Song In The Morning(For milton Nasciment) The Dancer Pt.2

  35. DaDa / Arthur Blythe: Columbia FC 40237
  36. 1986 Arthur Blythe(as), Geri Allen(key), Olu Dara(cor), John Hicks(p), Cecil McBee(b), Bob Stewart(tuba,special effects), Vincent Henry(b,key,g,dr pro), Bruce Puese(key,dr pro), Bobby Battle(d), Bernard Davis(dr pro), Eric Rehl(syn pro), Gail Dixon,Akua Dixon(strings), Kelvin Bell(g)
    (On 2 Tracks ) Esquinas Break Tune

  37. Joy Ryder / Wayne Shorter: Columbia 32DP 5073[CD]
  38. 1987? Wayne Shorter(sax), Terri Lyne Carringtom(d), Nathan East(b), Patrice Rushen(key), "Guest" Herbie Hancock(syn.4,7), Geri Allen(p,syn.1,2,3,5,7), Darryl Jones(b.4,6) Frank Colon(per), Dianne Reeves(vcl)
    Joy Ryder Cathay Over Shadow Hill Way Anthem Causeways Daredevil Someplace Called "Where"

  39. The Secret Life / David McMurray: Timeless/Line TLCD 9.008300
  40. 1987 David McMurray(ts,key), Geri Allen(p)
    (on 2 tracks) Hotline(David McMurray)
    1987 David McMurray(ss,per), Geri Allen(key)
    Dream Seekers(G. Allen/D. McMurray)

  41. Motherland Pulse / Steve Coleman: JMT 852001[CD]
  42. March, 1987 Steve Coleman(as), Geri Allen(p), Lonnie Plaxico(b), Marvin "Smitty" Smith(d), Guest: Cassandra Wilson(vcl.#5), Graham Haynes(tp.#3,5), Mark Johnson(#d.5)
    Irate Blues(J. Bourelly) Another Level(S.Coleman) Cud Ba-rith(S.Coleman) Wights Waits for Weights(S.Coleman) No Good Time Faries(S.Coleman) On This(S.Coleman) The Glide was in the Ride(G.Allen) Motherland Pulse(S.Coleman)

  43. Impala / Oliver Lake: Gramavision GR-8701,D32Y-0157[CD]
  44. May, 1987 Cliver Lake(sax), Pheeroan AkLaff(d), Santi Debriano(b), Gene Lake, Brandon Ross(d,#1) All composition by Oliver Lake
    Lef' Sided '63 Impala Brass And Oak I Would Like To Yo' Dance We're In The Moment

  45. A Night in Greenwich Village / Jay Hoggard: Muse MCD 5556[CD]
  46. September 18, 1987 Jay Hoggard(vib), Geri Allen(p), Anthony Cox(b), Marvin "Smitty" Smith(d)
    A Night In Tunisia Monk's Mood The Guiding Spirit Comfort In The Storm Mystic Winds, Tropic Breezes

  47. Sine Die / Steve Coleman & Five Elements: PANGEA PAND-42150,25DP-5087[CD]
  48. December 1987 to January 1988 Steve Coleman(as), Cassandra Wilson(vcl), Graham Haynes(tp), Robin Eubanks(tb), James weidman(p,key), David Gilmore(g), Kevin bruce harris(e-b), marvin "Smitty" Smith(d,per) Guest: Geri Allen(p), Branford Marsalis(ts)
    (On 1 Track) Destination

  49. Etudes / Charlie Haden/Paul Motian feat. Geri Allen: SoulNote 121162,121162-2[CD]
  50. 1988 Charlie Haden(b), Paul Motian(d), Geri Allen(p)
    Lonely Woman(O.Coleman) Dolphy's Dance(G.Allen ) Sandino(C.Haden) Fiasco(P.Motian) Etude II(P.Motian) Blues in Motion(C.Haden) Silence(C.Haden) Shuffle Montgomery(H.Nichols) Etudes I(P.Motian)

  51. Monk in Motian / Paul Motian: Bamboo JMT 834421-2[CD],J32J-20240[CD]
  52. March, 1988 Paul Motian(d), Geri Allen(p), Joe Lovano(ts), Bill Frisell(e-g)
    (ON 2 Tracks) Ruby My Dear(T.Monk) Off Minor(T.Monk)

  53. Movies Too / Franco Ambrosetti: Enja ENJ-7[CD]
  54. March 22 & 23, 1988 Franco Ambrosetti F(fl-h), Geri Allen(p), John Scofield(g), Michael Formanek(b), Daniel Humair(d)
    My Man(Pollock,Yvain) Angel Eyes(M.Dennis,Brent) Theme from Superman(Williams) Theme from Peter Gunn(H.Mancini) Cinderella's Waltz(Mack,Hoffman) What's New Pussycat(David,Bacharach) God Bless the Child(Holiday,Herzog) Steppenwolf(G.Gruntz)

  55. V / Ralph Peterson Jr: Somethin'else CJ32-5502[CD]
  56. April 19 & 20, 1988 Ralph Peterson(d), Geri Allen(p), Terence Blanchard(tp), Steve Wilson(as,ss), Phil Bowler(b)
    Enemy Within(Ralph Peterson) Monief(Ralph Peterson) The Short End Of The Stick(Donald Brown) Soweto 6(Ralph Peterson) Viola's Dance(Ralph Peterson) Bebopskerony(Ralph Peterson)

  57. Mindgames / Greg Osby: JMT 83442-1,JMT 834422-2[CD]
  58. May,1988 Greg Osby(as,ss,per,voic), Geri Allen(p,syn), Kevin McNeal(g), Lonnie Plaxico(b), Paul Samuels(d.per)
    (On 3 Tracks) Dolemite(Greg Osby) Silent Attiude(Greg Osby) All That Matters(Greg Osby)

  59. Flute Talk / Buddy Collette Quintet feat. James Newton: Soul Note 121165
  60. July 4 & 5, 1988 Buddy Collette(fl,cl,as), Geri Allen(p), James Newton(fl), Haribu Shahid(b), Gianpiero Prina(d)
    Magali(Collette) Blues in Torrance(Collette) Richmond In Acropolis(Newton) It's You(Collette) Crystal(Collette) Andre(Collette) Flute Talk(Collette, Newton) Roshanda(Collette)

  61. Otherside / Oliver Lake: Gramavsion 18-8901,TDCN-5101[CD]
  62. August, 1988 Oliver Lake(sax), Geri Allen(p), Anthony Peterson(g), Fred Hopkins(b), Andrew Cyrille(d)
    (On 4 Tracks) Gano Club Whitestone Stand Hymn for the Old Year

  63. You'll Know When You Get There / Chico Freeman: Black Saint 120 128-1,120 128-2[CD]
  64. August 12,19,22,29 and 31, 1988 E.J. Allen(tpt,fl-h), Chico Freeman(ts,as,ss,bc,IVL,D50), Von Freeman(ts,p), Geri Allen(p,key), Donald Pate(b), Victor Jones(d), Norman Hedman(per), Joel Brandon(whistler)
    Liberian Girl(Michael Jackson) Mist(Chico Freeman) The Trespasser(Chico Freeman) House Of Dreams(Dick Griffin) The Ditty(Chico Freeman and Joel Brandon) You'll Know When You Get There(Chico Freeman and E.J.Allen) Mercy Mercy Me(The Ecology)(Marvin P) No.7(for Andrew Hill)(Chico Freeman) I Remember You(John H.Mercer)

  65. Twylight / Geri Allen: Minor Music MM-1014,J00J-20365[CD]
  66. 1989 Geri Allen(p,syn), Tani Tabbal(d), Jaribu Shahid(per), Sadiq Bey, Eli Fountain(per,#11), Clarice taylor Bell(vcl,#11)
    When Kabuya Dances(G.Allen) Shadow Series(G.Allen) Skin(G.Allen) A Place of Power(G.Allen) Twylight(G.Allen) Stop the World(G.Allen) Wood(G.Allen) Little Wind(G.Allen) Dream Time(G.Allen) Blue(G.Allen) Black Pools(G.Allen)

  67. Duet in Detroit / Roy Brooks: Enja 7067-2[CD]
  68. February 25, 1989 Roy Brooks(d,per,singing saw), Geri Allen(p)
    (On 2 Tracks) Samba Del Sol(R.Brooks) Duet in Detroit(G.Allen&R.Broocks)

  69. Volition / Ralph Peterson Jr: Somethin'else CJ32-5510[CD](J)
  70. February 27 & 28, 1989 raloh Peterson(d), Geri Allen(p), Terrance Blanchard(tp), Steve Wilson(as,*ss), Phil Bowler(b)
    Volition(Ralph Peterson) Seven Of Swords*(walter Davis Jr.) On My Side(Ralph Peterson) Forth And Back(Ralph Peterson) Back To Stay*(Ralph Peterson) In Step(Brian Carrott) The Benevolent One*(Steve Wilson) Sasquatch(Ralph Peterson)

  71. In the Year of the Dragon / G.Allen, C.Haden, P.Motian: JMT834-428-2
  72. March, 1989 Geri Allen(p), Charlie Haden(b), Paul Motian(d)
    Oblivion(B.Powell) For John Malachi(G.Allen) Rollano(J.L.Mendolas) See You at Per Tutti's(C.Haden) Last Call(P.Motion) No More Mr. Nice Guy(G.Allen) Invisible(O.Coleman) First Song(C.Haden) In The Year of the Dragon(P.Motian)

  73. The Collective / Cecil Brooks III: Muse MCD 5377[CD]
  74. March 27, 1989 Cecil Brooks III(d), Gary Thomas(ts), Greg Osby(as), Geri Allen(p), Lonnie Plaxico(b)
    The Sketch is the Key(G.Osby) We'll Be Together Again(C.Fischer,F.Laine) Ace Boy (Little Cece)(C.Brooks III) Sunshine(C.Brooks III) Are You Real(B.Golson) West Coast Blues(John L.,Wes Montgomery) Temptation(N.H.Brown,A.Freed) We'll Be Together Again(Longer version)

  75. Segments / G.Allen,C.Haden,P.Motian: DIW-8333,DIW-833[CD](J)
  76. April 6,7 & 8, 1989 Geri Allen(p), Charlie Haden(b), Paul Motian(d)
    Law Years(O.Coleman) You'll Never Know(H.Warren) Marmaduke(C.Parker) Cabala/Drum Music(P.Motian) Home(P.Motian) I'm All Smiles(M.Leonard) Segment(C.Parker) La Pasionaria(C.Haden) Rain(G.Allen)

  77. Triangular / Ralph Peterson Jr: Somethin'else CJ32-5505[CD](J)
  78. * On April 20, 1989 / August 21 & 22, 1988 Ralph Peterson(d), Geri Allen(p), Essiet Okon Essiet(b), Phil Bowler(b.#5)
    Bemsha Swing(D.Best,T.Monk) Triangular(R.Peterson) Water Colors(R.Peterson) Princess(R.Peterson) Just You, Just Me(J.Grear,R.Klages)* Move(D.Best) Splash(E.O.Essiet) Smoke Rings(R.Peterson)

  79. By Any Means Necessary / Gary Thomas: JMT 834432-2
  80. May, 1989 Gary Thomas(ts,fl,syn), Tim Murphy(p,syn), Anthony Cox(b), Dennis Chambers(d), Guest: Geri Allen(p,syn), Greg Osby(as,syn), Nana Vasconcelos(per)
    Potential Hazard(Gary Thomas) To The Vanishing Point(Gary Thomas) Janala(G.Allen,G.Osby,G.Thomas,N.Vasconcelos)

  81. Overview / Jay Hoggard: Muse MCD 5383[CD]
  82. June 22, 1989 Jay Hoggard(vib), Geri Allen(p), Ed Rozie(b), Frederick Waits(d)
    Put on A Happy Face(L.Adams) Overview(J.Hoggard) Aguacate(J.Hoggard) Blue Rags(J.Hoggard) Ruby, My Dear(T.Monk) Convergence(J.Hoggard)

  83. The Montreal Tapes, Vol. V / Charlie Haden: Verve POCJ-9627[CD]
  84. July 1, 1989 at the Montreal Charlie Haden(b),Geri Allen(p),Paul Motian(d)
    Blues In Mptian Fiasco First Song Dolphy's Dance For John Malachi In The Year Of The Dragon

  85. The Montreal Tapes /Charlie Haden Liberation Music Orchestra: Verve POCJ-1453[CD]
  86. July 8, 1989 at the Montreal Charlie Haden(b),Geri Allen(p),Paul Motian(d),Tom Harrell,Stanton Davis(tp),Ken mclntyre(as) Ernie Watts,Joe Lovano(ts),Ray Anderson(tb),Sharon Freeman(f-h),Joe Daley(tu),Mick Goodrick(g)
    La Pasionaria Silence Sandino We Shall Overcome

  87. Plaxico / Lonnie Plaxico: Muse MR 5389
  88. September 13, 1989 Lonnie Plaxico(e-b), Geri Allen(key), Greg Osby(as),Adam Falcon(g),Gene Jackson(d), Steve Coleman(as*), Roobin Eubanks(tb*), James Weidman(key*)
    (On 2 Tracks) Your Love Is Like A Dream Come True Shades*

  89. Living on the Edge / Dewey Redman Qt: Black Saint 120123-2[CD]
  90. September 13 & 14, 1989 Dewey Redman(as,ts), Geri Allen(p), Cameron Brown(b), Eddie Moore(d),
    Boo Boodoop(Dewey Redman) Mirror Windows(Dewey Redman) Blues for J.A.M(Dewey Redman) If I Should Lose You(Robin) As One(Dewey Redman) Lazy Bird(John Coltrane)

  91. The Nurturer / Geri Allen: Somethin'else TOCJ-5526[CD](J)
  92. January 5 & 6, 1990 Geri Allen(p), Marcus Belgrave(tp,fl-h), Kenny Garrett(as), Robert Hurst(b), Jeff Watts(d), Eli Fountain, (per)
    Night's Shadow(E.Fountain) No. 3(L.Williams) It's Good to be Home Again(L.Williams) Batista's Groove(M.Belgrave) Night of Power (For My Daughter Laila)(G.Allen) Our Gang(R.Hurst) Silence and Song/The Nurturer(G.Allen) Le Goo Wop(G.Allen) Lullaby of Isfahn(K.Garrett)

  93. Droppin' Things / Betty Carter: Verve/Polygram 843 991-2[CD]
  94. June 7, 1990 Betty Carter(vcl), Geri Alen(p), Tarus Mateen(b), G. Hutchinson(d)
    (On 1 Track) Star Dust/Memories of You(H.Carmichael,M. Parish)

  95. New Friends / Fred Wesley: Minor Music PHCE-28[CD]
  96. August, 1990 Fred. Wesley(tb,vcl), Geri Allen(p,key), Anthony Cox(b), Stanton Davis(tp,fl-h), Maceo Parker(as,per), Tim Green(ts,per), Bill Steward(d), Geust: Carmen Lundy(vcl.4,9), Steve Turre(tb.5,8), Robin Eubanks(tb)
    Rockin' in Rhythm(Carney,Mills,Ellington) Honey Love(MCPhatter,Wexler) Bright Mississippi(Monk) Love We Had Stays on My Mind(Collier,Wade) For the Elders(Wesley) Plenty, Plenty Soul(Q.Jones) Blue Monk(T.Monk) Peace Fugue(Wesley) Eyes So Beautiful(E.Hope,T.Corrol) Birks Works(D.Gillespie) D-Cup and Up(Wesely,L.Peterson)

  97. Live in New York / Ivo Perelman: Vidio Artists International 69066[VIDEO]
  98. October 16, 1990 Ivo Perelman(ts), Flora Purim(vcl), Geri Allen(p), Fred Hopkins(b), Andrew Cyrille(d), Mino Cinelu(per), Elson Nascimento(b-drum)
    Slave of Jo Nesta Rua The Carnation and the Rose

  99. Live at The Village Vanguard / G.Allen,C.Haden,P.Motian: DIW-847[CD](J)
  100. December 21 & 22, 1990 Geri Allen(p), Paul Motian(d), Charlie Haden(b)
    A Prayer for Peace(Geri Allen) Obtuse Angles(Geri Allen) It Should Have Happened a Long Time Ago(P.Motian) For Turiya(C.Haden) Fiasco(P.Motian) In the Year of The Dragon(P.Motian) Vanguard Blues(C.Haden) Mumbo Jumbo(P.Motian) Song for the Whales(C.Haden)

  101. Warking Together / M.Belgrave & L.Williams: D.J.M. DJM101[CD]
  102. 1992 Marcus Belgrave(tp), Lawrence Williams(d), Geri Allen(p), Ralph Armstrong(d)
    (On 2 Tracks) No.6(Lawrence Williams) Prelude to No.4 & No.4(Lawrence Williams)

  103. Maroons / Geri Allen: Somethin'else TOCJ-5544[CD(J)]
  104. February 11-14, 1992 Geri Allen(p), Marcus Belgrave(tp), Wallace Roney(tp), Anthony Cox(b), Dwayne Dolphin(b), Pheeroan AkLaff,Tani Tabbal(d)
    Feed the Fire I(Geri Allen) No More Mr. Nice Guy(Geri Allen) And They Partied(Geri Allen) Number Four(Lawrence Williams) A Prayer For Peace(Geri Allen) Mad Money(Geri Allen) Two Brothers(Anthony Cox/Dwayne Dolphin) Feed the Fire II(Geri Allen) Dolphy's Dance(Geri Allen) For John Malachi(Geri Allen) Laila's House(Geri Allen) Feed the Fire III (Geri Allen) Brooklyn Bound "A"(Geri Allen) Bed-Sty(Geri Allen) Maroons(Geri Allen)

  105. 3-D Lifestyle / Greg Osby: Blue Note CDP 0777 7 98635 2 5
  106. 1993
    Greg Osby(as,ss), Geri Allen(p,syn) (On 3 Tracks) Raise Hardcopy Flow to the Underculture

  107. Love Notes Live in U.S.A. / Betty Carter: JAZZ DOOR: JD-1272[CD]
  108. 1993 Betty Carter(vcl), Geri Allen(p), Jack De Johnette(d), Dave Holland(b)
    Feed The Fire Love Notes Sometime I'm Happy Fake Lover Man I'm All Smiles If I Should Lose You All Or Nothing At All

  109. Detroit's Jazz Piano Legacy Vol. 1 / Marcus Belgrave DJM-102[CD]
  110. March 20, 1993 Marcus Belgrave(tp), Geri Allen(p), Lawrence Williams(b.5),
    Mean What You say All My Love Zec It's Good To Be Home Again Prelude To No.4-No.4 Sweet Lorraine Dolphy's Dance Lottie The Body's Mood Lesli Tonya

  111. Crunchin / Wallace Roney: Muse 5518,MCD-5518[CD]
  112. July 30, 1993 Wallace Roney(tp), Antonio Hart(as), Geri Allen(p), Ron Carter(b), Kenny Washington(d)
    Woody'n You (J.B.Gillespie) What's New(J.Burke,R.Haggart) Angel Eyes(M.Dennis,E.Brent) Swing Spring (M.Davis) Time After Time(S.Cahn,J.Styne) We See(T.Monk) You Stepped Out of a Dream(N.H.Brown,G.Kahn) Misterioso(T.Monk)

  113. G.M.Project / General Music Project: Sweet Basil APCZ-8007[CD](J)
  114. June 19, 1993 Kenny Garrett(, Geri Allen(p), Charnett Moffett(b), Charles Moffett(d)
    Choo Choo train(Chanett moffett) Apex(Mulgrew Miller) Sing A Song Of Song(Kenny Garrett) Happy Dream(Charnett Moffett) Calling You(Bob telson) Tip-Toeing(Kenny Garrett) Intro To Yellow(Geri Allen) Sahara's Short Story(Kenny Garrett) Sunbeam(Charnett Moffett) Cathedral(Charnett Moffett)

  115. Munchin / Wallace Roney: Muse 5533,MCD-5533[CD]
  116. June 6, 1993 Wallace Roney(tp), Ravi Coltrane(ts), Geri Allen(p), Christian McBride(b), Kenny Washington(d)
    Solar(M.Davis) Ah-Leu-Cha(C.Parker) Bemsha Swing(T.Monk) Lost (W.Shorter) Daahoud(C.Brown) Whims of Chambers(P.Chambers) Smooch(C.Mingus,M.Davis) Love for Sale(C.Porter)

  117. Misterios / Wallace Roney: Warner Bros. 9362 45641-2[CD]
  118. 1994? Wallace Roney(tp), Antoine Roney(ts), Ravi Coltrane(ts.9), Geri Allen(p),Clarence Seay(b), Steve berrios,Steve Thornton,Valtinho Anastacio(per), Gil Goldstein(key.4) featuring strings, woodwids and Latin percussion
    Meu menino(Aan Terra/Danilo Caymmi) In Her Family(Pat Metheny) Michelle(John Lennon/Pal McCartney) Cafe(Egberto Gismonti) Misterios(Joyce/Mauricio Maestro) Last To Know(Pat Metheny) Memoria e Fado(Egberto Gismonti) 71+(Jaco Pastorius) Muerte(from"Suite Lumiere")(Astor Piazzolla) I Will Always Love You(Dolly Parton)

  119. Portrait of Adrian / Dwayne Dolphin: Minor Music MM-801042[CD]
  120. 1994 Ravi Coltrane(ts,ss), Michael Mossman(tp,pic-tp,fl-h,tb), Geri Allen(p), Dwayne Dolphin(b),Roger Humphries(d)
    So What Portrait of Adrian Passion Dance Pappilion Fee Fi Fo Fum Hank'sBlues Maiden Voyage Enchantress Softly As In A Morning Sunrise Lost Souls Down and Out

  121. Plantation Lullabies / Me'shell Ndege Ocello: Maverick/Sire 45333-2[CD]
  122. 1994 Me'Shell Ndegecello(vcl), Geri Allen,Bobby Lyle(P), Bill Summers,David Gamson(d), Joshua Redman(ts), Andre Betts(pro), Luis Conte(con), David Fiuczynski, Wah Wah Watson(g), Byron Jackson(back-vcl)
    Plantation I'm Diggin' You(Like An Old Soul Record) If That's Your Boyfriend(He Wasn't Last Night) ShooT'n Up And Gett'n High dred loc Untitled Step Into The Projects Soul On Ice Call Me Outside YourDoor Picture Show Sweet Love Two Lonely Hearts(On The Subway)

  123. Unity / Ernie Watts: JVC VICJ-211[CD]
  124. 1994 Ernie Watts (s), Geri Allen (p), Jack de Johnette(d), Eddie Gomez (b), Steve Swallow (b)
    You Say You care In Your Own Sweet Way Tricotism Unity Silver Hollow Some kind A Blue Don't Look Now Joyous Reunion lonely Hearts Sticky Kisses Soul Eyes Grand Central* (* Extra track for Japan)

  125. Twenty One / Geri Allen: Somethin'else TOCJ-5564[CD](J)
  126. March 23,24, 1994 Geri Allen(p), Ron Carter(b), Tony William(d)
    RTG(G.Allen) If I Should Lose You(Robin,Rainger) Drummer's Song(G.Allen) Introspection/Thelonious(T.Monk) A Beautiful Friendship (Styne,Cahn) In the Morning (For Sister Leola)(G.Allen) Tea for Two(Caesar,Youmans) Lullaby of the Leaves(Young,Petker) Feed the Fire(G.Allen) Old Folks(Hill,Robison) A Place of Power(G.Allen) In the Middle(G.Allen)

  127. Feed the Fire / Betty Carter: Verve 314523600-2[CD],POCJ-1243[CD]
  128. October 30, 1994 Betty Carter(vcl), Geri Allen(p), Jack De Johnette(d), Dave Holland(b)
    Feed The Fire Love Notes Sometime I'm Happy Lover Man I'm All Smiles If I Should Lose You All Or Nothing At All What Is This Tune? Day Dream B's Blues

  129. Shades Of Red / V.A.: Somethin'else TOCJ-5578[CD]
  130. December 5 & 7, 1994 Dianne Reeves(vcl), Steve Hall(ts), Fareed Haque(g), Geri Allen(p), Peter Washington(b), Joe Chambers(d)
    Maiden Voyage[alternate take](Herbie Hancock)

    Geri Allen(p),Wallace Roney(tp),Joe Lovano(as,ts), Clarence Seay(b), Paul Motian(d)
    Good Old Days(Ornette Coleman) (On 2 Tracks)

  131. Shades Of Blue / V.A.: Somethin'else TOCJ-5573[CD]
  132. December 7, 1994 Dianne Reeves(vcl), Steve Hall(ts), Fareed Haque(g), Geri Allen(p), Peter Washington(b), Joe Chambers(d)
    Maiden Voyage(Herbie Hancock) (On 1 Track)

  133. Modern Day Jazz Stories / Courtney Pine: Verve/Antilles PHCR-1382[CD](J)
  134. 1995 Courtney Pine(ss,ts,fl), Geri Allen(p,org), Charnette Moffett(dob-b), Ronnie Burrage(d,per,DJ Pogo turntables), with Eddie Henderson(tp), Cassandra Wilson(voice), Mark Whitfield(g)
    Prelude - The Water of Life The 37th Chamber Don't 'Xplain[Jazz Flex Slice](B.Holiday) Dah Blessing In the Garden of Eden(C.pine,S.Clarke) Creation Stepper Absolution Each One (Must) Teach One The Unknown Warrior(Song for My Forefathers) I've Know Rivers(G.Bartz) Outro - Guiding Light Prince Of Piece* Don't 'Xplain[Dark Version](B.Holiday)* (* Extra track for Japan)

  135. Cerebral Caverns / Reggie Workman: Postcards 1010
  136. April 27 & 28, 1995 Reggie Workman(b), Geri Allen(p), Al Foster(d), Gerry Hemingway(d), Julian Priester(tb), Sam Rivers(ts,ss,fl), Elizabeth Panzer(harp), Tapan Modak(tablas)
    What's in Your Hand Half of My Soul(Tristan's Love Theme) Evolutions Seasonal Elements(Spring-Summer-Fall-Winter) (On 4 Tracks)

  137. Children Of The Light / Rodney Whitaker: DIW-907[CD](J)
  138. September 13 & 14, 1995 Rodnry Whitaker(b), Wallace Roney(tp), Cassius Richmond(*fl), Cyrus Chrstnut(p), Geri Allen(p), Gregory Hutchinson(d), Andrew Daniels II(*per)
    On Green Dolphin Street El Morro(*) (On 2 Tracks)

  139. Renderors Of Spirit / Lenny White: HIP BOP:OMCZ-13[CD]
  140. 1996 Nicki Richard(vo),Geri Allen(p),Pete Levin(key,sound pro),Pookie Zari(syn) Victor Bailey(b)Lenny White(d,add sound pro)
    Sailing(Christopher Cross) (On 1 Tracks)

  141. Kansas City / MOVIE: PONY CANYON PCLE-00026[LD]
  142. 1996 Kevin Mahogany(vcl), Olu Dara(cornet), Nicholas Payton,James Zollar(tp), Curtis Fowlkes,Clark Gayton(tb), Don Byron(cl), Don Byron,James Carter, Jesse Davis,David "Fathead" Newman,Craig Handy,David Murray,Josua Redman(sax), Russell Malone,Mark Whitfield(g), Geri Allen,Cyrus Chestnut(p),Ron Carter, Tyrone Clark,Christian McBride(b), Victor Lewis(d)
    Hosts Of Freedom Tickle Toe Indiana(Septet) Moten Swing Blues in the Dark I Surrender Dear Pagin' the Devil I Left My Baby Froggy Bottom Yeah, Man Lullaby of the Leaves Lafayette Solitude

  143. Kansas City / Original Motian Picture Soundtrack: Verve POCJ-1321[CD]
  144. 1996 Kevin Mahogany(vcl), Olu Dara(cornet), Nicholas Payton,James Zollar(tp), Curtis Fowlkes,Clark Gayton(tb), Don Byron(cl), Don Byron,James Carter, Jesse Davis,David "Fathead" Newman,Craig Handy,David Murray,Josua Redman(sax), Russell Malone,Mark Whitfield(g), Geri Allen,Cyrus Chestnut(p),Ron Carter, Tyrone Clark,Christian McBride(b), Victor Lewis(d)
    Blues in the Dark Moten Swing I Surrender Dear Queer Notions Lullaby of the Leaves I Left My Baby Yeah, Man Froggy Bottom Solitude Pagin' the Devil Lafayette Solitude (Reprise)

  145. KC After Dark / Kansas City Band: Verve 31451 537322 2,POCJ-1395[CD]
  146. (More Music From Robert Altman's Kansas City)
    1996 Kevin Mahogany(vcl), Olu Dara(cornet), Nicholas Payton,James Zollar(tp), Curtis Fowlkes,Clark Gayton(tb), Don Byron(cl), Don Byron,James Carter, Jesse Davis,David "Fathead" Newman,Craig Handy,David Murray,Josua Redman(sax), Russell Malone,Mark Whitfield(g), Geri Allen,Cyrus Chestnut(p),Ron Carter, Tyrone Clark,Christian McBride(b), Victor Lewis(d)
    ST. Louis Blues Cherokee Indiana(Septet) Harvard Blues Prince Og Wails Froggy Bottom(Take 2) Piano Boogie King Porter Stomp Tickle Toe Indiana(Quartet)

  147. In Hey Hey Club / Kansas City Original Music Tracks: Verve PCVE-11043[VIDEO]
  148. 1996 Kevin Mahogany(vcl), Olu Dara(cornet), Nicholas Payton,James Zollar(tp), Curtis Fowlkes,Clark Gayton(tb), Don Byron(cl), Don Byron,James Carter, Jesse Davis,David "Fathead" Newman,Craig Handy,David Murray,Josua Redman(sax), Russell Malone,Mark Whitfield(g), Geri Allen,Cyrus Chestnut(p),Ron Carter, Tyrone Clark,Christian McBride(b), Victor Lewis(d)
    Tickletoe Indiana(Quartet) Solitude Blues in the Dark Harvard Blues Lafayette Lullaby of the Leaves/Piano Boogie Pagin' the Devil Moten Swing Queer Notions Yeah, Man

  149. Sound Museum Three Women / Ornette Coleman: Harmolodic 31451 31657-2,POCJ-1332[CD]
  150. 1996 Ornette Coleman(as,vin,tp), Geri Allen(p), Charnette Moffett(b), Denardo Coleman(d), Lauren Kinhan, and Chris Walker vocals All Song Composed By Ornette Coleman
    Sound Museum Monsieur Allard City Living What Reason Home Grown Stopwatch Don't You Know By Now P.P. (Picolo Pesos) Women of the Veil Yesterday, Today, & Tomorrow Biosphere European Echos Mob Job Macho Woman

  151. Sound Museum Hidden Man / Ornette Coleman: Harmolodic 31451 31914-2,POCJ-1331[CD]
  152. 1996 Ornette Coleman(as,vin,tp), Geri Allen(p), Charnette Moffett(b), Denardo Coleman(d), All Song Composed By Ornette Coleman
    Sound Museum Monsieur Allard City Living What Reason Home Grown Stopwatch Women of the Veil P.P. (Picolo Pesos) Biosphere Yesterday, Today, & Tomorrow European Echos What a Friend We Have In Jesus (Variation) Mob Job Macho Woman

  153. Eyes...In The Back Of Your Head / Geri Allen: somethin'else TOCJ-5589[CD]
  154. New York, December 14 & 15, 1995 and March 1, 1996 Geri Allen(p,syn),Wallace Roney(tp),Siro Pubtaste(per),Ornette Coleman(as)
    Mother Wit(Geri Allen) New Eyes Opening(Geri Allen) Vertlcal Flowing(Geri Allen/Ornette Coleman) M.O.P.E.(Geri Allen) FMFMF(Geri Allen) Dark Eyes(Geri Allen/Wallace Roney) Little Waltz(Ron Carter) In The Back Of Your Head(Geri Allen/Wallace Roney) Windows To The Soul(Geri Allen) The Byes Have It(Geri Allen/Ornette Coleman)

  155. Jazzpar '96〜Some Aspects Of Water / Geri Allen: Storyville STCD-4212[CD]
  156. Denmark March 17, 1996 Geri Allen(p),Pale Danielsson(b),Lenny White(d),
    Feed The Fire A Beautiful Friendship Skin
    Denmark March 15, 1996 Geri Allen(p),Pale Danielsson(b),Lenny White(d),Johnny Coles(flh),
    Old Folks
    Denmark March 15, 1996 Geri Allen(p),Pale Danielsson(b),Lenny White(d),Johnny Coles(flh), Henrik Bolberg Pedrsen(tp,flh),Kjeld Ipsen(tb),Alex Windfeld(tiba), Michael Hove(as,fl,cl),Uffe Markussen(sax,b-cl,fl)
    Smooth Attitudes Some Aspect Of Water

  157. Village / Wallace Roney: WARNER BOROS:WPCR-1406[CD]
  158. New York, December 3-5, 1996 Wallace Roney(tp),Lenny White(d),Clarence Seay(b),Geri Allen(p), Antoine Roney(ts,ss,b-cl),Pharoah Sanders(ts),Steve Berrios(per), Robert "Baabe" Irving V
    (On 5 Tracks) Aknaaba(Antoine roney) Village(W.Roney/A.roney/G.Allen/L.White) Eternal One(Wallace Roney) EBO(Lenny White) Oshirike(W.Roney/A.roney/G.Allen/L.White)

  159. Monk On Monk / T.S. Monk:N2K :VICJ-60239[CD]
  160. February 6-27, 1997 T.S. Monk(d),Ron Carter(b)Geri Allen,Herbie Hancock(p)Dianne Reeves(vo), Wayne Shorter(as),Clark Terry(tp),Wallace Roney(tp),Roy Hargrove(flh),Christian McBride(b)
    Little Rootie Tootie Crepuscule With Nellie Boo Boo's Birthday Dear Ruby Two Timer Bright Mississippi Suddenly Ugly Beauty Jackie-ing

  161. Mind Over Matter / Mark Shim: Blue Note :TOCJ-6168[CD]
  162. February 19-20, 1997 Geri Allen(p), David Fiuczynski(g), Curtis Lundy(b), Eric Harland(d), Ralph Peterson(d)
    Arrival Mind Over Matter Snake Eyes Dumplin' The Dungeon Crazy The Chosen Ones Remember Rockefeller At Attica Mass Exodus

  163. Talkin' Stick / Oliver Lake : Passin'Thru:41213[CD]
  164. March 4,1997 Oliver Lake(as),Geri Allen(p),Jay Hoggard(vib),Belden Bullock(b),Cecil Brooks III
    Talkin' Stick Hard Blues Reminds Me Masaai Moves Only If You Live There Shifts Song For Jay Philly Blues

  165. Secrets / Tricia Tahara : Savant :SCD-2006[CD]
  166. March 11-13, 1997 Tricia Tahara(vo), Wallace Roney(tp), Antoine Roney(ts,ss,bcl), Geri Allen(p), Ralphe Armstrong(b), Lenny White(d)
    Follow My Footprints I Ain't Gonna Let You Bteak My Heart Again Give All Your Love Show Me How To Fly L'Altra Notte In Fondo Al Mare Witness Secrets You Are My Sunshine

  167. Three Pianos For Jimi / Trisd : DOUGLAS MUSIC :ADC-14[CD]
  168. 1997 Geri Allen,Mark Batson,Scott Batson(p)
    Message To Love The Wind Cries Mary Manic Depression Cherokee Mist 1983(A Merman I Shall Be) Love Or Confusion Little Wing Land Of The New Rising Sun

  169. After Glow / Mark Isham : Columbia CK-67929[CD]
  170. 1997 Mark Isham(tp,flp),Geri Allen(p),Charles Lloyd(sax),Gary Burton(vib), Sid Page(vin),Billy Higgins(d),Jeff Littleton(b)
    After The Glow Has Gone Yeses, Noes And In-Betweens A Life Suspended Hope And Charity For Charles Yeses And Noes Undecided The Frenzy Afterglow Afterglow-Reprise

  171. Along Came Jones / New York Connexion : Sirocco Jazz SJL-1003[CD]
  172. December 9 & 10, 1997 Geri Allen(p),Robin Eubanks(tb),Craig Handy(ts,ss),Gene Jackson(d) Loe Locke(vib),Lonnie Plaxico(b),Wallace Roney(tp)
    Three Card Molly The Summary Intimidation Allen's Alley Shadowland A Child Is Born Three In One Wise One (On 4 Tracks 1,2,5,8)

  173. Just Friends / Marian McPartland : Concord Jazz CCD-4805-2[CD]
  174. September 4, 1997 - January 26, 1998 Marian McPartland(p),Geri Allen(p)
    Lullaby Of The Leaves Chrysalis Note: On 2 Tracks

  175. The Gathering / Geri Allen : Verve POCJ-1417[CD]
  176. New York, Febrary 19-21 & 25, 1998 Geri Allen (p), Wallace Roney (tp,fl,pic,b-cl), Robin Eubanks (tb), Vernon Reid (g), Buster Williams (b), Ralph Armstrong (7-string bass), Little Wally(tp),Little Laila(vo),Dwight Andrews(reed),Lenny White(d), Mino Cinelu (per)
    The Gathering Dark Prince Sleepin' Pretty Light Matter Baby's Breath Ray Soul Heir Joy And Wonder Gabriel's Royal Blue Reals Daybreak And Dreams Angels Light Matter(alternate take)* Note:(*) The bonus track only in Japan

  177. A Tribute To Miles Davis / ENDLESS MILES : ENCODED MUSIC VICJ-60235[CD]
  178. May 26, 1998 Geri Alln,Harold Mabern,Robert IrvingV(p),Wallace Roney,Randy Brecker(tp), George Coleman,Antoine Roney,Dave Liebman,Bob Berg(ts),Gary Peacock,Buster Williams(b), Jimmy Cobb,Lenny White,Al Foster(d),Adom Holzman(e-p,syn) Mino jinelu(jimbe,wa-d,pre)Don Alias(conga)
    Nefertiti No Blues The Sorcerer (On 3 Tracks)

  179. Skyline / Bobby Hutcherson : PGD/VERVE:31451 559616 2[CD]
  180. 1998 Bobby Hutcherson(vib),Kenny Garrett(as); Geri Allen(p),Christian McBride(b), Al Foster(d)
    Who's Got You? I Only Have Eyes For You Delilah Chan's Song Pomponio Love Theme From Superman (Can You Read My Mind) Tres Palabras The Coaster Candle

  181. Shades Of Bey / Andy Bey: EVIDENCE MUSIC:22215-2[CD],POCJ-1435[CD]
  182. 1998 Geri Allen(p),Gary Bartz(as),Andy Bey(p.vo),Annabelle Hoffman(cel),Dennis James(b)
    Like A Lover (O Cantador) Bergman/B/C/M Midnight Blue Fears/Ward Get It Straight (Straight, No Chaser) Monk/Swisher Pretty Girl (The Starcrossed Lovers) Ellington/Strayhorn River Man Drake Dark Shadows Coleman Believin' It (Half & Half) Davis/F/H Some Other Time Bernstein/C/G The Last Light Of Evening (Blood Count) Eade/Strayhorn Drume Negrita (Afro-Cuban Lullaby) Grenet

  183. An All-Star Tribute To Pablo Picasso And Miles Davis :Swan Records SW-1001[CD]
  184. 1999 Geri Allen(p),Richard Clay(sax,fl,key),Curtis Fuller(tb),Eddie Henderson(tp), Buster Williams(b),Lenny White(d),Ray Mantilla(cog,per),Warren Smith(per)
    Pablo Blue Cool Love Of A Lifetime Blue Miles View Of Bitches Brew Inspiration Blue Period View 2 Minotaur 1 For Miles Les Demoiselles D'Avignon

  185. Reflections In Change / Craig Handy : Sirocco Jazz:SJL-1005[CD]
  186. 6,7,8, and 25 June, 1999 Craid Handy(sax),Geri Allen(p),Rodney Whitaker(b),Ali Jackson(ds), Robin Eubanks(tb),Stephen Scott(p),Dave Stryker(g),others
    Turnerland Snowqualmie Waiting for Your Call Eclipse For Kenny Unravel the Mystery Homage Adona's Song: Prelude Adona's Song

  187. Classic Ellington / Sir Simon Rattle: EMD/ANGEL:TOCP-65470 [CD]
  188. November 15-17, 1999 City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra Geri Allen(p),John Barclay,Simon Gardner(tp),Regina Carter(vio),Lena Horne(vo),others
    Take The 'A' Train(*) You're The One Sophisticated Lady Harlem (A Tone Parallel To Harlem) Isfahan Ad Lib On Nippon(*) That Doo-wah Thing(*) Something To Live For Come Sunday Solitude In Transblucency Maybe Things Ain't What They Used To Be(*) Note:(*)Geri Allen solo

  189. From The Round Box / Ravi Coltrane: BMG/RCA VICTOR :BVCJ-31020 [CD]
  190. Feb.11,Sep.29-30 & Decmber 7, 1999 Ralph Alessi(flug,tp),Geri Allen(p),Ravi Coltrane(ss,ts),James Genus(b), Eric Harland(d),Andy Milne(p-*)
    Social Drones The Chartreuse Mean Word Order Blues A La Carte Monk's Mood Irony The Blessing Consequence Between Lines(*)

  191. One-On-One / Clark Terry: Chesky: DJ-198[CD]
  192. December 13-16, 1999 Clark Terry(tp),Geri Allen(p),Don Friedman,Sir Roland Hanna,Barry Harris,Eric Lewis, Junior Mance,Marian McPartland(p)
    L.O.V.E. Just For A Thrill(*) Liza All The Clouds'll Roll Intimacy Of The Blues You Can Depend On Me Memories Of You Honeysuckle Rose Willow Grove Solitude Blue Monk Misty Swingin' The Blues Jungle Blues Skylark Note:(*) Geri Allen 1 Track

  193. With Every Breath I Take / Klaus Suonsaari: Storyville:717101424122[CD]
  194. New York on August 6, 1998 Klaus Suonsaari(ds),Scott Robinson(c-mel,ts),Gerri Allen(p),Jules Thayer(b)
    Subsumption Imaginary Day Motive Primal Joy Motion Skar Visions With Every Breath I Take Places Amorphous Them Elisabeth Senge Ikke Mej

  195. Houdini / Buster Williams Trio: Sirocco Jazz:SJL-1014[CD]
  196. March,2000 Buster Williams(b),Geri Allen(p),Lenny White(d)
    Hougini-Part 1 The Sorcerer Bellodgia If I Should Lose You Ouija Board Little Girl Blue Fall Striver's Jewels Hougini-Part 2

  197. No Room For Argument / Wallace Roney: STRETCH:UCCJ-3006[CD]
  198. March 31-April 3, 2000 Geri Allen(p,e-p,syn),Adam Holzman(m-mo,org,e-p,syn),Antoine Roney(ss,ts), Wallace Roney(tp),Lenny White(d),Buster Williams(b)
    No Room For Argument Homage & Acknowledgement Straight No Nothing Metropolis Christina NeuBeings Cygroove He Who Knows Virtual Chocolate Cherry Midnight Blue Portia(*) Note:(*) The bonus track only in Japan

  199. Lift Every Voice / Charles Lloyd :ECM,UCCE-1024[CD]
  200. recorded January and February 2000 Charles Lloyd(ts,fl,taragoto),Geri Allen(p),John Abercrombie(g),Marc Johnson(b),Billy Hart(ds)
    Hymn To The Mother Amazing Grace East Virginia, West Memphis What's Going On Angel Oak Te Amare Rabo De Nube Go Down Moses Prayer, The Crossing
    recorded January and February 2000 Charles Lloyd(ts,fl,taragoto),Geri Allen(p),John Abercrombie(g),Larry Grenadier(b),Billy Hart(ds)
    You Are So Beautiful I'm Afraid Blood Count Beyond Darkness Wayfaring Stranger Deep River Lift Every Voice And Sing
    recorded January and February 2000 Charles Lloyd(ts,fl,taragoto),Geri Allen(p),John Abercrombie(g),Billy Hart(ds)
    Hafez, Shattered Heart
    recorded January and February 2000 Charles Lloyd(ts,fl,taragoto),Geri Allen(p),John Abercrombie(g),Larry Grenadier,Larry Grenadier(b),Billy Hart(ds)

  201. Charles Lloyd: "Live in Montreal" / Charles Lloyd : Emarcy:UCBM-9009[DVD]
  202. Live at Montreal 2001 (ca. 125 min), Interview: 1994 (ca. 35 min) Charles Lloyd(ts,fl),John Abercrombie(g),Geri Allen(p),Marc Johnson(b),Billy Hart(ds)
    Miss Jessye Monk & The Mermaid Sweet Georgia Bright Lotus Blossom Lady Day Little Peace Zoltan Water Is Wide Georgia Prayer

  203. The Detroit Experiment / The Detroit Experiment : Ropeadope :931382[CD]
  204. January 25-29, 2002 Geri Allen(p),Marcus Belgrave(to),Carl Craig(syn,b,g),Others
    Space Odyssey Think Twice Revelation (*) Baby Needs New Shoes There Is a God (*) Church Enterluud Vernors Too High Highest Midnight at the Twenty Grand Taste of Tribe Way We Make Music Revelation Reprise (*) note: (*) Geri Allen 3 Tracks

  205. Jazzpar Concerts 2003 / Lars Moller : Stunt Records :04032[CD]
  206. April 24 & 27, 2003 Lars Moller(sax),Geri Allen(p),Buster Williams(b),Billy Hart(ds)
    Daybreaking Dreams Blue Skies in Kamchatka Bacharach Laila's House Invitation

  207. American Song / Andy Bey : Savoy Jazz :17330[CD]
  208. New Jersey on November 4-6 & 14-15, 2003 Andy Bey(vcl,p),Geri Allen(arr,p),Frank Wess(ts,fl),Dwight Andrews(ss,cl,b-cl,fl,a-fl),Vernell Garnett(tp,flh), Steve Davis(tb,b-tb),Paul Meyers(g),Kiyoshi Kitagawa(b),Mark McLean(ds),Mino Cinelu(per).
    Never Let Me Go Prelude to a Kiss Speak Low Angel Eyes Midnight Sun Caravan Lush Life Satin Doll It=92s Only a Paper Moon Lonely Town

  209. The Life of a Song / Geri Allen: TELARC :CD-83598[CD]
  210. January 16-17, 2004 Geri Allen(p),Dave Holland(b),Jack Dejohnette(ds)
    LWB's House(The Remix) Mounts and Mountains Lush Life In Appreciation: A Celebration Song The Experimental Movement Holdin' Court dance of the Infidels Unconditional Love The Life of a Song Black Bottom
    Geri Allen(p),Dave Holland(b),Jack Dejohnette(ds),Marcus Belgrave(fgh), Dwight Andrews(sax),Clifton Anderson(tb)
    Soul Eyes

  211. Jumping The Creek / Charles Lloyd: ECM :UCCE-1053[CD]
  212. January , 2004 Charles Lloyd(sax),Geri Allen(p),Robert Hurst(b),Eric Harland(ds,per)
    Ne Me Quitte Pas (If You Go Away) Ken Katta Ma Om (Bright Sun Upon You) Angel Oak Revisited Canon Perdido Jumping the Creek Sufi's Tears Georgia Bright Suite: Pythagoras at Jeckyll Island/Sweet Georgia Bright Come Sunday Both Veils Must Go Song of the Inuit

  213. Timeless Portraits and Dreams / Geri Allen : TELARC :CD-83645[2CDs]
  214. JNew York City March 16-17, 2006 Geri Allen(p),Ron Carter(b),Jimmy Cobb(ds),Carmen Lundy(vcl),Wallace Roney(tp), George Shirley(vcl),Donald walden(ts),
    Oh Freedom Melchezedik Portraits and Dreams Well Done Strada I Have a Dream Nearly In Real Time Embraceable You Ah-Leu-Cha Special Bonus Disc: Lift Every Voice and Sing


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